What You Need to Know About Immigration Law

immigration_debateComing to America can be exciting as well as overwhelming. Not being sure of any of the customs can make it difficult to get around however, it is important that you learn about the immigration law in order to know what your rights are as a new citizen.

There are many immigration law attorneys to represent you when you move here so you won’t be taken advantage of. They also help you to register and to help you apply for citizenship. It’s important that you contact an immigration law attorney instead of trying to do everything on your own. Otherwise, you may not understand the laws here.

Immigration law firms also handle the applications and procedures that are involved with naturalization of foreign nationals who want to apply for become U.S. citizens. There are many legal issues associated with Continue reading

Hiring an Immigration Law Attorney

francisco-alvillar-immigration-lawyerHaving issues with your immigration status? Dealing with immigration law can be highly complex, often requiring a specialized immigration law attorney to handle your case. If you are hiring an attorney to handle immigration proceedings of any type, it is a good idea to work with an attorney that specializes in this field. While many general attorneys can provide legal help for immigration services, very few can provide the in-depth analysis and legal representation that an immigration law attorney can provide. Any other kind of attorney may not have the focus and skill needed to win your case.

A large concern when hiring immigration law attorneys is their ability to stay current on the latest immigration policies. Immigration law changes frequently, often becoming more complex. An attorney needs to stay up to date on these changes to ensure that when fighting your case, they are representing you with full knowledge of immigration law. Thus, when looking for an immigration attorney, it is best to research whether the firm keeps a track record of immigration law changes as proof that they can maximize effective representation of their clients. Also look to see if the firm has membership in the American Immigration Lawyers Association, as that is often a good sign that the firm keeps up to date with the latest changes in immigration law.

When deciding which immigration law attorney to hire, look for a successful track record in the specific area of immigration law in which you need legal assistance. This may include deportation or detention, employment-based visa petitions, family-based immigrant visas, or other special immigration petitions or projects. Choose a law firm that is well-known for winning cases in that particular aspect of immigration law.

Immigration Law Clinics Help With Immigration

stock-footage-hispanic-female-legal-attorney-meeting-client-modern-law-chambersImmigration law clinics help immigrants obtain citizenship, and give assistance with other immigration matters.

While it cannot be denied that and immigrants have been crucial to the growth of United States, they have also been a constant source of conflict. The year 2009 saw that there were about 11.1 million immigrants who were in the United States illegally. Politicians have long stated the need for reform in Federal Law, but none have come up with a substantial bill to tackle the problem of effectively. Many immigrants get confused with the strict laws, and need help with immigration procedures.

Issues related to immigration and nationality are taken care of by the US Department of Homeland Security or the DHS that enforces immigration laws, processes immigration applications and petitions for legal status. The Department facilitates helps people obtain citizenship, while it cracks down on illegal immigrants. The Department ensures that people cutting in line are kept at bay and don’t gain advantage over the expense of those taking the legal routes to immigration.

Newcomers applying for immigration and naturalization may become easily overwhelmed by the legal formalities involved. The guidelines to obtain legal citizenship are so strict and difficult to comprehend (especially for people coming from non-English speaking backgrounds) that people often find themselves struggling to overcome these hurdles. To help applicants clear legal documentation and other proceedings involved there are immigration law clinics that help applicants understand the intricacies involved. These immigration law clinics are often held by attorneys who provide immigration assistance to applicants and also help them obtain citizenship.

The lawyers in immigration law clinics are experts in immigration law and have considerable experience in matters related to immigration. They have a thorough and a deep understanding of the subject and advise foreign nationals and students seeking work in the United States. These clinics also provide assistance with immigration to people looking to apply for specific visas like marriage visas, sports visas, L-1 visas and Temporary work visas.

Besides helping with immigration, experts at these clinics also represent applicants in immigration courts, when there is a serious issue that has to be addressed through the court. These clinics also help students obtain student work visas. These visas are generally categorized under two different categories. They can either choose from F-1 visas for academic programs or M-1 visas, for vocational programs. The clinics also advise foreign nationals who are working on a temporary basis to change their status to permanent residence.

While these clinics may not fix the problem of undocumented immigrants, they certainly help protect vulnerable applicants from falling prey to unscrupulous agents.